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Re: I like the Venetian

Posted 4/10/2012 at 10:54:56 AM

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Posted By: AlexisTheGreat
They have a great sushi bar there as well. Yes I know sushi. But Sushi Dave is the man!!!!!  Only clubs with alcohol would be Venetian and Fritz too both in Anaheim. Every other club is full nude and no alcohol :(

Venetian is a pretty club (though I've never been there on nights when sushi is available).

The only problem I had with it was (and this most likely is due to the nights I was there ) was the lack of dancers.  The one night I was there there were only 3 ladies in the entire building.....I kind of expected the doorman to tell me if there were that few dancers, and I politely expressed this opinion on my departure.

But yes, IMHO it is the best looking club in OC.  How they stay in business with the strict OC rules is another question....


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