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Re: another trick

Posted 5/24/2012 at 10:38:08 AM

Maybe it depends on what browser you are using? I use Firefox, & discovered that trick a couple weeks ago. Maybe it doesn't work in all browser settings?


Posted By: cpnputt

Hey Nikkey,
thanks for the info but I just tried that without any luck. It still wouldn't let me right click so if you know of any other tricks please let me know. Thanks again for your consideration.


Posted By: nahtynikkey
I've also found that if you click on the picture in question on Eros, it will enlarge, and you can then right-click on it:)


Posted By: cpnputt
thanks for helping out the computer illiterate Naomi. I will try that trick because Eros didn't allow me to right click their images. Thanks again.


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