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Posted 4/7/2012 at 11:08:01 AM

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Don't know where you're getting your number on prices at Ecstasy, but your 3x too high.  Cover = $10 + 2 drinks (pretty much standard everywhere) and dances are couch dances where you lay on a couch and the girl dances/grinds on you nude; $50 per song.  Policy is no touch, but very few adhere to that, YMMV (over the years I've had simple touching, kissing, licking, FOV, FIV, FIA, CHJ, CBJ, BBBJ, BBBJTCNQNS, FS).  The two cubes at the back of club are more private.

Rhino is great too.


Posted By: imacdaddy
Depends what your looking for but OC strip clubs suck imho but check out Ecstacy in Santa Ana known to always have a few 10's on the floor but not cheap laps are $150 & cover is about $30 milage can be ok,for real fun you gotta head to City of industry maybe 20 to 30 min drive to Spearmint Rhino for guaranteed good time.Check for reviews


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