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Yeah, because a provider-hobbyist relationship is built on honesty? 

Posted 5/23/2012 at 7:32:09 AM

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Hard to imagine why you are here if you want to know the truth. Personally, I do not care why she says no, just that she says no. I would be annoyed at someone who did not say no, but was never available, because she is wasting my time. But whether she gives me the true reason for the no, a lie, or no reason at all makes zero difference to me, unless her reason happens to hit some nerve.

Not being told no is even worse than when you contact an angry provider, someone who is having a bad day (or maybe a bad life, and definitely hates this job), and is giving me 30 seconds to prove I will make it better, or I should just go fuck myself. Better to be called an asshole than strung along.


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