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The reason is that this is a Newbie board

Posted 5/22/2012 at 8:30:46 AM

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You are giving people advice who are new to all this. They are at more risk than those who know what they are doing, understand the various risks and have developed an approach to those risks that works for them.

Would you advise a newbie to TOFTT? No. Would you advise a newbie to look for BBFS? No.

If Moose wants to provide a detailed guide for newbies to pursue safe BBFS, that would be useful. To have an argument as to whether or not it is judgmental to suggest a newbie avoid BBFS, that is beside the point.

I do agree that there is a lot of hypocrisy TER as far as people who are pursuing alternative sexual lifestyles, while at the same time judging other people's different choices very harshly, but for me that is beside the point on this board as far as BBFS is concerned. It ain't about right or wrong, it is about keeping the noobs safe. Walk before you run. And if you want to go BBFS, ask Moose for tips before you unleash your tip.

My two cents,

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