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Posted 5/21/2012 at 8:19:23 AM

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Research, Research and more research.

You don't have to spend $5k just to have a good time.  And some of my best rendezvous have been at the $300 range.   You need to find someone in your area that fits your description of a beautiful woman and them communicate with her with a few and I mean only a few emails.  If you get a good vibe from her, go see her.  If it works out great, if not, you get to try again. That is the fun of this hobby.

As to porn stars, if there is someone you want to meet and you got the money, go for it.  I had seen several porn stars in my day when I was your age and it was fun.  Some really good times.  Lately, I have been seeing some non porn star providers and they have rocked my world.  There is one pornstar that has come back to escorting and I really would like to see her.  But I am not as quick to lay down the bucks  for right now.  

So just be open minded about all women in this and just try to have fun.  Paying more is no guarantee of a good time and paying so little doesn't mean its going to be a bad time as well.  

Have fun,


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