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Re: Another rant

Posted 5/21/2012 at 1:44:48 PM

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While I agree with mrfrench's statement re condomless sex it's important to note that The Moose, based on his reviews, sees virtually only porn stars.  As we know, these girls are regularly tested, as, according to him, is The Moose.  So he's got a particular way he rolls and I don't condemn him for it.  All condomless sex is not equal.  It's not like he's bare-backing BP girls.
In fact, it's amazing and ludicrous how judgemental people can get on a fuckboard about this and almost anything else -- like sexual preferences, for example.  This is a risky game we play here.  Everyone takes them.  We all run the risk of contracting something.  Sure, I know the risks vary depending on the specific behavior.  But why judge?  And, yes, The Moose was probably over-sensitive about the "offending" comment.  But at least he has the balls to post about a very sensitive topic under his own handle.

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