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Hmmm...where to begin...

Posted 5/21/2012 at 4:28:24 AM

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I'll answer your questions but please do yourself a favor and go to the Newbie Board to learn how this game is run.  While there, go back for several pages and read all the posts, then read the self-help section.  Almost every question you'll have will be answered there.
As to your specific questions:
1) Yes, most porn stars will do with you in a session pretty much what they do on screen.  But if you go with a well-reviewed provider you can read in her reviews what she does, if you have VIP.  If you don't buy VIP you are making a serious mistake.
2) Yes, it is easily possible to find really good girls at $300/hr who will do the full GFE service with you.  Read the self-help section to find out what GFE means.
Good luck.  But don't try anything until you've done your homework.

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