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You have to do what you think is fullproof, and so do we.

Posted 5/20/2012 at 7:53:39 AM

Some providers need absolutely NO information to see you, and that includes a ref. Your cell number is enough for some to say "Come on over." Others, will gladly accept references from any lady with even one review, while some require more than one from only established providers with an actual review history and a professional website...that would be me ha ha. Finally, there are girls who know that no matter how many refs you have, it won't save them from ending up in a suitcase cut into pieces...only knowing who you are can prevent or at the very least catch the person who did it.

When I travel I only require 2 good refs, but when I am at home I want it all. What is the difference? Well, I am well known in my home town and want to make sure I am not running into a guy from work, a former professor, or one of my parent's friends. I think your idea to see touring ladies is a good idea because like me, many of those providers are not worried about your personal info. when on the road...some will still require it no matter what.

My point is, don't try to change a provider's way of screening to suit you. Simply find ones who will agree what you are comfortable providing. No one here will be putting themselves at risk for the other, so it's a moot issue trying to change it. It's not going to happen.

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