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Verification hassles

Posted 5/19/2012 at 9:20:04 PM

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First off I'm new to this hobby and have been with four providers to date. I tried to get into it in the past and ran into some serious problems that scared the hell out of me, ie: provider tried to blackmail me, so I stopped. I did my research and decided the best route was to join a verification site. I joined P-411 and found that some of the ladies are easy going and some, not so much. The problem I'm having is that some providers on P-411 request all kinds of additional screening information after contacting them. This has happened to me twice now when I try and set up appointments through P-411. The provider still requests all my info for "screening purposes" even when I give them references, one of which was an adult film star. I'm on P-411 because I don't want to give out my personal info. I nearly got seriously burned once, so I never give out personal info anymore. I realize no one wants to get busted, or meet up with a psycho, but I'm on P-411 so I'm clearly not the cops and I have very good references, so I'm not a psycho either. Can you help me undestand this, I've missed out on some prime tail because of it and was wondering if there was some way to alleviate their concerns without divulging my info.

Also, on a seperate note, I think that I've found that best way to avoid getting busted, ripped off, or blackmailed. I have a series of rules that I follow and it seems to work pretty well. Now this does cost you extra money, but I'm willing to spend it for my piece of mind. First, I only see girls through a verification site (start off with newbie friendly girls). Second, I only see them during outcalls at my hotel room, even when I'm in my home town (avoids you getting ripped off or anyone knowing where you live, and cops generally don't seem to do outcalls). Third, I never divulge any personal information (so you can't get blackmailed later). Fourth, I only see girls that are visiting, will travel from the next county over, or have them come to my hotel while I'm out of town (never heard of cops leaving their jurisdiction for a prostitution bust). fifth, I only see girls that are well reviewed and the reviewers have a lengthy review history (common sense). So, tell me what you think. I can't see any flaws with my system.

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