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Re: Ads are only permitted on regional boards. Not sure it says anywhere . . . 

Posted 4/27/2012 at 5:55:58 AM

"Not sure it says anywhere that photo threads are prohibited from national boards. See Haley's link above and try to comprehend what she said. "

Perhaps you should try to comprehend the "Theme Day rules" before you shoot off your mouth as usual. Yea, i know, it's pretty complex to read & understand TER 's use of the word "local' & try to interpret it  as meaning  'regional'. It's real big leap isn't it....perhaps for you?

- Thread should be started by a "local" provider or local agency only
- Only local providers, local agencies and visiting providers with an active visiting ad may participate

I did mention in my post if you were able to comprehend..."TER has allowed 1 day/week here temporarily," the only National board which was @ Haley's request (begging) to TER when she was a hostess. Ever see the Theme day threads on any other national board Einstein?

Also, the Theme Day Guidelines were posted on all 'Regional' boards & none of the 'National' boards.

Theme Day Guidelines
Posted by DiscussionBoardAdmin  , 2/28/2012 10:31:24 AM  

Guidelines for Photo Theme Days

Guidelines for posting Theme Day Threads on TER are listed below. TER staff/Admin may, at their discretion and judgment, remove any post that, in their opinion do not follow these guidelines. Abuse of these guidelines can result in the poster being moderated.

- Thread should be started by a local provider or local agency only
- Only 1 photo theme per day
- Only local providers, local agencies and visiting providers with an active visiting ad may participate
- Theme can not be started earlier than 5 am (local time)
- Providers can post only 1 photo per theme day
- Agencies can only post 1 photo per day
- Photos should be related to the theme
- Photos should not have been used for a theme day in the past - Keep them new!
- No links to websites are allowed
- Text (one line only)  is allowed but cannot be an ad type text, such as (not an all inclusive list) website, email, phone number or statement such as 'Call Me' or 'Come See Me'
- Do not use all caps in the subject line or the one liner
- Provider should post under the OP's original post; do not post under another provider's photo
- Only the watermark trademark of the provider, the provider's name or the photographer's name (copyright) is allowed on the photo
- Comments on the photos are allowed; posters should only respond to the photo post, not to a member's response. This should not be used to start a new discussion. Do not make this a shill or mini-review or the post will be removed.

General Ad Posting and General Board Rules apply unless otherwise stated above.

I hope this post adds to your comprehension of Theme day threads on Regional boards vs National boards.

Now go back to your Shilling & bloviations.

Your welcome.

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