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Her experience is Critical

Posted 3/21/2012 at 9:15:45 AM

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As I reflect on my very first “Hobby Experience,” I now realize how lucky I was. My now retired first date (she retired VERY young!) couldn’t have been better for a Rookie. She was a capable guide and NOT submissive by any means. She turned out to be a sexual dream come true for me and a great barometer for future selections. If I could give a Rookie any advice it would be:

        “stick with a well reviewed Lady (Performance Scores above 8) whose Profile matches your  
        assumed preferences and whose Photographs appeal to you in a BIG way. Generally a Lady who
        offers both Incall and Outcall, will be more comfortable in her Incall – use it”

That cautious approach with a little bit of courage, should result in a satisfying experience. Interestingly enough, here four plus years later, I still use those principals in my selection process.

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