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Yes I have had success

Posted 5/6/2012 at 8:29:35 AM

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I am actually on two sites that one and www.sugardaddyforme.com and I have gotten decent looking ladies to spend two and three days for $500-$700 depending how good they look. Of course, you have to cover their airfare, meals, etc and the sex is as often as you want. Now granted these are ladies who do not openly escort. You will see some 'pros' on there but just weed them out. Also there are some girls who do not want money but just want to be spoiled and go to a exciting city such as NYC, Vegas or LA.

You will be surprised how broke some of these girls are on those sites. One girl I literally had to paypal her $40 just so that she would have gas money to get to the airport!

One thing I have learned never ask how much they want just tell them what you want to spend. Once you see a girl on those sites it is hard to pay an escort $300 an hour.


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