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Anyone heard of this agency www.solodivas.mx?

Posted 4/5/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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I saw a provider named Lizetth a long time ago from an agency that was solodivas.COM.MX.  I had a great experience with Lizetth at that time.  However, now that website with the solodivas.com.mx with the .com in the middle does not exist and now is just www.solodivas.mx.  

A couple of their girls are smoken hot!  And the price is amazing as well.  I wanted to know if anyone has had experience with this agency, or has heard anything about them?  Is this agency the same as the solodivas.com.mx?  Or are they just piggy backing off of that agency's url?  The phone numbers are different as well from the one's that have reviews on TER, and when I called them last to set up an appointment with Lizetth.  

Just curious to know if anyone heard anything about them.  Any help would be appreciated.  THanks!

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