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Yikes! So the big Question is....

Posted 5/4/2012 at 10:49:37 PM

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I think the big question is if uagenzlepe will be paying the same amount per hour to take somebody to a great show (pay for their ticket) and then dinner and desert as if it would be the same amount as the real show?

Sorry... it's just a question that has to be asked.

I certainly respect people's time ... trust me... My time gets wasted all of the time in my business.

But are there ladies out there that have one price for their time when a show ticket, dinner and desert is being paid for and then a price for private time?

No offense... I know I'm going to get slammed for asking the question but I'm seriously interested in knowing that answer because I'm also interested in doing the same.

Seriously... three hours at a show, dinner and desert that is paid for is different then three hours of private time.

No doubt.. I don't think it should be free....

But personally.... I love hanging with beautiful ladies before getting down to the real show if you know what I mean...



Posted By: uagenzlepe
Ill be in town from the 8th till the 13th and for once im just here on vacation. I have been with providers before in vegas but never taken one out or seen much on these boards about a dinner date. Id really like to go see a show (probably one of the cirq shows) then dinner and desert :)

My favorite type is the young spinner's as i was with kenny kane here the past few times. Do any providers have any interest in seeing a show with a client or is it a waste of their time?


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