Las Vegas

Re: Not sure what that means...
HockeyMutt 1091 reads

Looking for Throaters/DT Gaggers.

HockeyMutt533 reads

Looking for the girl that my cock can feel squeezing down her throat. I love the force it feels.

comp_me583 reads

I recall receiving some really nice DT from Ava Devine during a visit to Vegas a couple years back.  She is a real sweetheart too.

you can check me out online
My name is Jayla Starr... That's like my specialty lol

HockeyMutt1092 reads

Looking for Throaters/DT Gaggers.

DeepBJ393 reads

Try Marissa, Suzie, Megan or Stacy Moet. All on TER. All can deep throat and gag with the best of them.

DeepBJ390 reads

Marissa 150, Suzie 250, Megan 80-150, Stacy Moet 150. Why do you guys wanna pay 500 for this. These girls are all on TER and can DT and gag with the 500 girls

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