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Re: Generally speaking, having a GF or seeing an escort is not relevant

Posted 3/18/2012 at 12:21:11 PM

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Don't feel bad...  I gave "what's-her-name" a 1 year old GMC pickup, all paid for, to get her to sign off (on the property settlement) which was done separately.  Yes, I should have got more but I also wanted it over.   I had sold my stake in a business (some 50K) but the money was gone...  essencially there was nothing much left to fight over.   We'd lived in her house while mine had been rented so hers was maintained & improved while mine was sucked dry.   We both agreed to leave each other's houses alone.  Really the vehicles were about all we had to split.  

You will forever think you should have got more...  as I do now...  but it was worth it!   I WON!!  Why?  Because I got rid of her, I got to pickup the pieces & move on.  

Oh, yes, she went back to being a bar fly...  (my mistake was in not understanding that was a life choice & not just an ammusement between relationships).  She wrecked the truck driving drunk within 6 months.   Karma!!



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