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I'm in your situation

Posted 3/15/2012 at 12:29:04 PM

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I don't normally post here any more but I feel for you.  I am not a lawyer and you need to consult one right away.  Do NOT simply rely on the advice you get here.  Some might be good, a lot could be mis-informed and destructive to you.  The only thing I'll say is that a divorce action does NOT, IMO, entitle an attorney to subpoena your Internet and phone records.  Credit card records may be another matter, as they pertain to the spending of marital assets.  So I hope you have not been paying providers with your credit card because that's dangerous from the LE and fraud perspective, too.  If you've paid for things like a TER subscription (I guess not or you'd have VIP) or hotels from the credit card, that's not good but probably not disastrous.
Anyway, in most states divorce is "no fault" so infidelity may not affect the outcome.
What you will have to provide is full disclosure of your income and assets.  Don't try to hide anything or it may go worse for you.  But, please, consult a good lawyer before you do anything.  He'll give you a full picture of what to expect. Relying on this board for more advice than that is like asking the board for advice on STDs for a spot on your dick instead of seeing a doctor.

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