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Posted 1/30/2012 at 10:20:20 PM

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There are a number of providers who have disclaimer at the end of their ad that state something to the effect of "this is not an illegal offer,,,dada dada"

I actually had a provider present a contract, though she didn't ask me to sign anything, a few years ago before a session. I was so convinced I had screwed up and met a "no touch" provider that I started to get dressed to leave. Ended up having an awesome session with her to my delight and surprise, I had read past "ripoff" reports that had that episode follow with a no touch type of session, I was happy when things didn't gop that route.

She really was convinced that the piece of paper was some kind of protection against the efforts of law enforcement.

I held back telling her my opinion that the piece of paper was not going to be a way she could avoid prosecution if she made the mistake of seeing uncle Leo.

I mean can a person who holds up a bank present a card at the beginning of the hold up that says no crime is intended and I cannot be prosecuted because of any actions that follow from this time on then expect to not get arrested and charged and convicted???

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