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i successfully had good scored but fake one

Posted 5/24/2012 at 5:06:33 PM

removed, i after months of repeadedly politely asking the poster if they can just jog my memopry,no answr and alot things , were clearly lies mainly about my place,,,,,,,,,,,,believe it or not at the time i just had mattress n boxspring ,,,,no bed frame just yet,,,,,,{ i nought a nice one at jordans outlet few months ago creme leather , merlot trim gorgeous!}
so it said I grabbed onto head board. during session , I actually didnt get it removed after asking alot, it also said i gave them best covered bj ever. my last cbj was last summer n it got revioewed and I was actually attempting to go to cbj for a ltr s request i d goptten well too close too thats another whole story well  put in a box and bury in the sand til our next life time! but it was areview stating cbj,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I with out doubt i know some do great doiung cbj but zi did notice less business i decided well i have no issue with it. and decided to do bbj from that review on , which was well last summer,,,,,,,so then this review comes up score was ok n all nothin bad,,but the part bout grabin the head board,,,,,,,,,, i finally kept messaging admin, and also asked if  a client would also opm on my behalf to confirm for me i did not have a bed frame til two months ago. that was well just them havin to go on my word, that i dont care about strange details in real revies long as they are real n were here, I also mentioned how i know i have a review mentioning my neck hurting n me not doing so well second hour of date,,,,,,,,,,,,i brought up how i never mentioned this was fake ,,, i am bby no means tryn to have bad review taken down, my concern was theyd feel its some one tryn togn et a bad review taken down,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,all together i have had 3 fake reviews, and all 3 got removed, ine was very hard to have down, it was an 88 review, good review, but even furniture details were wrond, it can be alot work months of constant tryoing! i had on this one about grabn the head board on the non existant bed! i didnt have,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and i got it down after months of all diofferent attempts, so alot girls prob just are like whatev after omin the alias and emailin admin after 3 or 4 attempts n tthey cant get luck they prob give up,,,,,,, i was furios , fuming, over it for months, mainly the part statin i was doin cbj, annoy3d me cuz i avnt attempted to make swithc to cbl since over year agio when with the ltr who was getn upset i would have "bare oenises in my mouth,} he was mad at me over , well being me,,,,,,,,,,,1 so the cbj detail is what annoyed me , i wamt to make sure guys know the bare dick will be engulfed in my mouth ok,damit, those fake reviewsers.    so yes its a hufe ordeal to have taken down, the other two the aliases agreed to request to take down,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so i dont know , i know i got upset, and i hear alot them get annoyed,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i think its defiently a major issue in the other wise great system set up.................................a minor glitch in the whole review process, is yes the issue at hand of the fake revies for vip, i was think grls can have certain item in house that ter knows that the alias woll have to confirm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,to prove they were there, like a giant pink teddy bear or sumthin theyd remeber they can also hav a hotel,   or vase of roses something, that can be used to confirm a alias came there, my other fake reviewser aklso couldnt andswer bwith any detail oin my place n also agreed to request to take down, which i appreciated,,,,,,,,,,,i been doin less appt n gettn better reviews spacin appts out..........review score went up, but i make less, but i of course when your monitoring your perfformance and reviews and really hasppoy to be doin well then a guy comes along and writes a fake or mean, one, one guy was writin a fake one givn me a 6 and sayn he was grossed out by my tattoo on my back i paid 6 grand for,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,at a reknowned shop in manhattan paul booths, when i dnt hide my ink in ads or site, it was mean,

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