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fuck buddy

Posted 4/2/2012 at 3:57:57 PM

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I guess this is a hobby related post that will stay...


There is more to this little hobby then

Pussy and dick...

but I bet this post will stay!

yes, I am frustrated!

Huggy Bear  was my Fuck buddy and I miss him!

Posted 4/2/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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i feel your pain..good fuck buddies are hard to find..even harder to keep.they should let this one stay up..i hope..

Posted 4/2/2012 at 6:52:00 PM

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It's fun to find someone you just like having sex (and a little company) with

Posted 4/3/2012 at 1:13:36 AM

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I myself came to TER because they are the gold standard for the Hobby.  I good place to get information on the Hobby.  The boards are a great addition to making a 'connection' and meeting the ladies.  But something more happens that I dont think TER planned nor did I, and it is an additional benifit.  We make friends!  And these friends are hobby related.  

Huggy bear is one of those guys.  If  it wasnt for the hobby and TER I would not know him. But I am glad I do.   And Jessica I am glad I know you to.  You are much more than a provider, you are a friend.  Along with a dozen or more on this board in this wonderful community, both gents and ladies.  I love reading the thoughts and suggestions by others on here but I also like the people behind the posts.

Posted 4/3/2012 at 3:47:42 AM

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Posted 4/3/2012 at 5:28:26 AM

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and it is a big loss when we no longer are able to see them for whatever the reason. I have been there Jessica just as you, when my heart and head just won't let me rest. I have seen gentlemen for years who either die or move away and the need to say good-bye is tough. I still have friends who call a few times a year out of the blue to chat. It's strange how the conversation pics up like your weekly visits have never stopped.

Close relationships are built and maintained from meeting in a p4p relationship such as this. It's not just the men who get attached.

Kisses Haley

Posted 4/3/2012 at 6:10:44 AM

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Posted 4/3/2012 at 12:06:09 PM

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