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Amazing that....

Posted 5/6/2012 at 9:39:52 PM

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After a while you stop being pissed off at getting old and start bragging again.
And now I've just turned 69! (April 25).
What shall I do to celebrate this particular milestone?


Well, my scarce opportunities and lack of lottery winnings will prevent the every-night fantasy I have. :-(  but clearly the few times I will be able to hobby over the next year should feature that singular activity of mutual glee that is one of my very favorites and will make this particular year be a memorable one for me.

Too bad TER does not have 69 category, but reading reviews will probably help me find companions that share my enthusiasm.

Yes, getting old has it's drawbacks but the good news is that you aren't dead yet!

Posted 5/6/2012 at 9:45:47 PM

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Posted 5/7/2012 at 7:06:41 AM

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Happy Birthday & The BEST is yet to come! xoxo

Posted 5/7/2012 at 12:54:20 PM

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Posted 5/7/2012 at 9:57:49 PM

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Posted 5/7/2012 at 10:38:13 PM

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CBJ still works for you.

I took CBJ-only gals off my "hope-to-see" when I turned age 60, which was
seven years ago......

The exception:

no-BBBJ ladies who  have

very suckable nips or labia.

Posted 5/8/2012 at 1:21:34 AM

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I did not mention cbj in any way.
Not part of my message.
Best wishes to you and your personal choices.

Posted 5/8/2012 at 10:32:19 PM

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69th birthday! Do something special! Your not to old at all! Ring in your birthday with a lady!

Posted 5/15/2012 at 3:07:25 PM

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Happy Birthday! Hope you have the best year yet!

Daty is a fav!