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Welcome To My Capri_domme

Model. Entertainer. Provocateur. Quickly becoming Atlanta's #1 fetish entertainer... Goddess Capri (von Chic) is the one and only Seductress of Sin, Bronze Goddess, and creator of SinDom™ -a sensual domination therapy. Goddess Capri has perfected Spiritual (light) and MindFuck (dark) mental/psychological domination.
Choose which character you would like to role play with:
G. von Chic the General - FemDom
Goddess Capri the Mystic - SinDom™/HypnoDomme
Humiliatrix the Kinkster - MyCapriDomme
Capri Dyezel the Detective - DieselDomme
Capri von Chic the Sexy Pinup - Disciplinarian

"I'm a sensual dominate who harness shamanistic powers, which I can incorporates into sessions. I offer Domination Therapy for men, women and couples. I'm available for live, video and phone sessions, outcalls, outings and long-term trainings."

Catrina Costa's Website

Your Fantasy Is My Pleasure, Come be my VIP and Get to Know the Woman Behind the Smile.

Little Latina Lela

There’s a certain excitement that comes with first meeting someone and exploring a world entirely different than mine. I enjoy seeing new and exciting places, experiencing life from all perspectives and reading old, forgotten stories in the dusty books of small libraries. I have an appreciation for honest, authentic poetry and the feeling of writing something substantial and long lasting.

I look forward to simple luxuries like coming home to a warm bath on a cold day or a crackling fire and a glass of white wine. Cool water and soft sand between my toes or quiet walks through pretty vineyards make me feel most at ease. There’s nothing like the light touch of sunshine on my skin, the burst of a fresh grape on my tongue or the warm taste of vanilla to remind me of the small pleasures of life.

My favorite part of the day is sunrise when the sky begins to blush, and just after midnight when all I can see are the shimmering stars in the dark. I enjoy the world in all of its beauty... and when nighttime comes, I’ll slide into a silk slip, sink into the quietness that arrives just before sleep and fall into another world – some wistful dream.

I live to experience life and the people that cross my path with a curious mind, an open heart and an insatiable lust for adventure. Get to know me and let’s indulge in the rare pleasure of complete ecstasy.

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