Posted: May, 2010 by MISLAID

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New York City

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After reading a fellow hobbyist’s TER review and exchanging PMs with him about Olivia, I know I just had to meet this very beautiful, very lovely lady and after seeing his updated review of an encounter that included his wife, Olivia and himself that could have been a XXX rated sequel to the erotic film 9 ½ Weeks, I knew that I had to pull this classy lady into a threesome with my dear ATF, simply gorgeous, simply divine Brianna Taylor, Queen of my Hobby World. My birthday was coming up; I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than partying at my ATF’s magnificent incall. Getting verified with Olivia’s very smooth booker was a pleasure, Brianna Taylor was cool (Bri is always “cool”!) with the idea & soon we were scheduled to meet.

My review here is of an extended two part bacchanalian event that Emperor Caligula would have been proud of. There was not enough time to experience all the possible combinations so we adjourned to another session at Olivia’s incall. Brianna had never met Olivia prior to our liaison so as I was arriving at the appointed hour, I received a text from her saying “OMG! She’s here and she’s BEAUTIFUL. Hurry on up!” I didn’t need any more incentive. The door was slightly ajar @ as I knocked, the door swung open to reveal a candle lit scene illuminating semi-clad Brianna & Olivia as one. They were standing there, fully embraced, & in a passionate DFK. I could see two tongues dancing my dance, speaking my language. I nearly dropped the expensive Champagne and strawberries that I’d brought. Brianna broke free & turned toward me. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkled when she said “Thanks. She’s HOT!!” Olivia piped up “look who’s talking!” I meekly mumbled “hold that thought” & darted off to shower. I was so aroused & rushed that I nearly jumped in fully clothed.

Barely dry & wrapped in a towel, I saw that my wish was obeyed. I was so taken in by the scene that I didn’t notice my towel falling in my path and in a manner reminiscent of the late Dudley Moore in the movie “10”; I slid across the smooth floor arriving at their feet. Hey, I had not one but TWO solid “Bo Derek” types before me. Perfect breasts sitting above lovely Abs, bubble butts, shapely legs; both in obviously great shape. Brianna the beautiful blue-eyed Grade AAA classic American Beauty and a near mirror image though blonde Olivia, who has the Mediterranean sensuous eyes of a young Sophia Loren. A gale of laughter from above greeted my (safe) landing. Ignoring this, I began to nibble & kiss my way up Brianna’s legs. “Ooh”, Olivia whispered “that looks nice.” Brianna pulled her back into a lip lock embrace. Olivia easily undid the sexy little slip of a red Vegas-style dress from Brianna’s trim shoulders and revealed the totally naked perfection that is Brianna. Now it was Olivia’s turn to stammer “OMG, just look at this body!”

Brianna pulled up Olivia’s sexy, tight, black knit outfit to reveal Olivia’s great body form & they were alternatively exploring each others tops. I had worked my way up & was now face to nipples with two sets of knockers to die for! I love sharing rack worship with another gal. Here were two perfect racks to play with. It was “NICE!”

I took some ice from the Champagne bucket & began applying them where indicated. The reaction was electric. ‘Twas time to head for the bedroom. Once we hit the bed, Olivia took the ice into in her mouth and proceeded to … Non-VIPs, if you are looking for a perfect, top notch session with either of these gals in solos or doubles, you are in for the time of your life!

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