Review: Cinnamon / Gabby Baker

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Posted: March, 2010 by TRISTANJONES

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I had the opportunity to spend 3 wonderful days with Cinnamon recently. I know, I know, most people say don't travel with someone you have not met , what if the chemistry is off....but the rewards of anticipation and getting to know someone are great. Cin is hot, smart, hot, thoughtful, and hot. She is a great kisser, has excellent choices in clothing, makes a mean breakfast and irons a shirt to perfection. In short, a spoiler.... We made short notice plans to travel to a sunny island. (I thought a prior arrangement I made was falling through) She screens effectively but not to excess. I had the arrival at the airport timed well. I wanted to watch the peeps walk down the steps and pick her out (I had no clear face photo, which made it even more exciting...) I was 70% sure, and said tentatively Cinnamon?...' No words, just a hug and LFK. It was the most erotic moment I have experienced with clothes on. Even after a long flight, she was fresh and energetic. We got her luggage, and go to the car. She demonstrated that she was not fully dressed....and smooth as could be.

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