Review: Lady Rose / Lovely Gunns / MLG

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Posted: September, 2009 by SAUSAGEMEET

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Session Location

Louisville - Escort's Hotel

General Details

I heard that Miss Lovely Gunns (shounds like shomething Sean Connery would shay) was visiting my town. A couple of e-mails, a couple of references and a couple of phone calls, and the date was set at a rather upscale hotel at a surprisingly convenient location.

Since this was our first meeting, I had sent her a copy of my FAQ - a description of me and my requirements. Gentleman, I highly recommend this; it saves a lot of guessing games (she can't read your mind, you know!) and helps to avoid misunderstandings...

I knocked. The door opened. I walked in... The pictures don't lie, but she even nicer in person; she is a very attractive lady. She was dressed in a naughty shortie nightie. So far so good.

Moments later, I had misplaced my clothes...

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