Review: Adelle Anderson

TER ID: 122026

Posted: August, 2009 by LITESTRM

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Adelle and I had been email teasing for about 6 months. I sought her out because I appreciate mature providers and at the initial contact was doing work in RI that took me there once a month. Also, reading her blogs lead me to believe she was 10 years late hitting her sexual prime of 35, and was doing all she could to make up for it! I initially contacted her with an e-mail and then called a day or two before meeting her. As I was heading to her I called and got the hotel and then when I was there, got the room number. When I opened the door I was happy to see that see that she was exactly as I had imagined her to look and was more than aggressively forward in her moves to my cock! Never asked for the donation until I remembered it halfway through the session and laid it on the nightstand....nice touch.

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