Review: TS Myah

TER ID: 134051

Posted: May, 2009 by RCKYBEAMON

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Tacoma - Currently

General Details

While sitting in a Vegas conference room looking at my new bosses ass in a tight business skirt, I started contemplating my evening activities. I lifted up the second page of my note pad where I had written Myah's number down, and excused myself to make the call to set up my massage. Myah answered with a sexy and upbeat voice that had my mouth watering as I matched it with her picture. When she arrived later that night, I looked through the key hole and my dick jumped to a rock hard 10. She walked in with that cute face, her youthful tits pressed together like two pink Hostess cup cakes, and bulging thighs spilling out of her cut off jeans. I poured myself a double shot because I knew she was going to be on top of her game!

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