Review: Isabelle La Rochelle

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Posted: November, 2007 by JROBERTSON

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Downtown Hotel

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Oh my God.

The only 10 for service I have ever given. All I can say is, when the Montreal chat boards said this woman was something special, they were not kidding. If you are in Montreal, visit. Period. Full stop. Think what life would be like if your girlfriend/wife had a smoking tight body, was smart and sweet and funny, was hornier than you, and was up for anything.

OK, to the mundane ... booking was very easy, it's not like in the States, you know. One call, give the hotel, the room, the time, your first name, you're all set. I arranged it the day before, and Isabelle arrived 5 minutes early. Jessy at the agency is excellent, will answer your questions happily.

I had arranged a 1 hour session. Isabelle came to the door in a classy skirt/blouse combo, looked very nice. I offered her a drink, nope she wasn't thirsty, tried to chit chat, nope didn't want to wait, instead rubbed her tail against my crotch and asked me if I was in the mood for some fun. I kissed her lightly, she grabbed me and made it a deep wet hard kiss. I extricated myself, said, Are you free for another hour? She was, I called and booked for a second hour. Never did that before. Smart move. Very smart.

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