Review: Busty Brianna / Cassandra

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Posted: November, 2007 by RACING2000

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BriAnna isn't a 25 year-old spinner. If you look at the pics on the fan part of her website, Sexy Dresses that's what she looks like. Her breasts are the 8th wonder of the world. She came to my room at an upscale Manhattan hotel, conservatively dressed, but WOW, she has incredible breasts. Some people have said they are enhanced, but that may be just because of the incredible size. They feel soft and natural to me. As soon as she came in, she kissed, then FK, and off came her blouse. Then she teased me with those amazing big apples. She then went into the bathroom to change into a negligee which didn't stay on very long. Pretty soon we were on the bed getting more comfortable, and she had a chance to show some of her once-in-a-lifetime skills. A bonus is that she's both nice and funny. I like her.

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