Review: Mistress Jessy Kang / Mistress Kang

TER ID: 53770

Posted: March, 2006 by SNARKHUNT

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I saw Mistress Kang about a month ago. It's taken me a month to realize just how good that session was -- up till now I've just been reliving fragments of that session every day in little pieces. To understand, you have to know that I scheduled a 4 hour session with Kang to celebrate my successful break-up with an ex-GF. The four hours was basically a silly suggestion on my part that Kang actually took me up on. But by then, I'd be a wimp not to go through with it so I did. She is incredibly tough if you let her be -- you'll think she's being reasonable, just as she's destroying your little mind. I'm a tough sub; I persevere; I know my limits and understand that they can be pushed in safe but very mind-boggling ways. Kang made me safeword three times, not because she was crazy -- quite the opposite -- she was that intense and kept me walking the thin edge of my own limit for so long that I caved. And once she had my mind in a jar, I couldn't resist a damn thing she did to me after that. I mean, after that for the next two hours. It was hot and I'm just working up the nerve and schedule to go again.

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