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If you read Amanda’s reviews, one gent gave her very low marks on her looks and made some comment about the aging process not being kind to her. While I normally dismiss an outlier, this was an appointment half a world away and I would rather be safe than sorry, I asked her about it via e-mail. She immediately sent me a current photo with a very professional statement that she does not wish to disappoint any of her clients and she would not be hurt if I chose not to book with her. Needless to say, the photo, a very natural photo wearing little to no makeup, did the trick, or more accurately, did the trick in. Amanda arrived at my hotel in a very nice and elegant dark green one piece pantdress with shoulder straps and no bra (her swaying breasts immediately delighted me). As soon as I saw her, I was extremely pleased, she was even better looking in person than the photo that she had sent me (incidentally, the photos on her website are very accurate.) She immediately grabbed my hand and we headed to up to my room. The end of the story is that I would be happy to repeat, VIP members read on for the juicy details….

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