Review: Jasmine

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Posted: January, 2015 by FIELDCLUBGUY

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This time in England I got a chance to use a different agency. Project Pleasure is the name and they do very well to please you. After looking at their website and talking on the phone I chose Jasmine. Won't say who my first choice was but she couldn't have been better than Jasmine

She arrived at my hotel in the early evening and I was advised that this would be her only appt of the evening so I asked her to show up when she was avaialble and afer 7:30. She was there by 7:45 and what a knockout. Pretty face and an air of sexuality came over the room. She was fun ti chat with and since I booked extra time and she was in no hurry we took the time to talk. Eventually we went about the task at and an moved over to the bedroom _ i booked a suite for my trip

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