Review: Nyx Callaway

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Posted: October, 2014 by BIGGIE07

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Well, where do I begin? We had a hard time connecting, what with my schedule and hers. BUT...believe me it was worth the wait. We emailed back and forth and finally met at a hotel of her choice south of Seattle. She opened the door and there was a petite, beautiful woman in a corset just barely covering her breasts, and thigh high stockings, and just the hint of a skirt. We kissed and I swear there were sparks pooping all in my head. For some reason we clicked from the moment I arrived and then we clicked while we were kissing and then we clicked when she sat me down to straddle me and then.............VIPs read on. You poor schmucks who aren't, just believe me that Nyx is worth every cent of your hard earned dollars. I can't wait to see her again.

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