Review: Nyx Callaway

TER ID: 242234

Posted: August, 2014 by RW96271

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Downtown Seattle

General Details

To be honest, I did not know what I was looking for until I met Nyx. An enticing P411 ad with a few striking photos and a well penned introduction led me to her website. How Nyx presented herself there was pleasantly difficult for me to absorb. In deep and brilliant color, in contrasts of light, in beautifully seductive poses with a smiling sensual radiance, in alluring and inviting prose, I found myself being captivate to an unfamiliar degree. I have come to find out all of this is an accurate reflection of Nyx and her personality; the essence of who she is as a woman.

I contacted Nyx through her website, providing a substantive introduction of myself, and expressing a desire to meet. She responded quickly, and having provided good intel, screening went quickly as well. Due to my schedule we had to set a date a few weeks distant. We exchanged emails on several occasions during the intervening time. I was struck by the distinctly different tone of her messages; warm, open, friendly, thoughtful. I was sensing a pleasant and refreshing genuineness in Nyx. We were connecting and getting to know one another through these messages to a degree I had not previously experienced. I became even more intrigued by her and increasingly anxious to meet.

Our evening finally arrived. I had arranged for 3 hours; ample time to get to know one another, and with a desire for an un-rushed experience. (I came to find out that 3 hours was not nearly enough time. It past by far too quickly.) When I saw Nyx for the first time, and we exchanged our hellos, a warm embrace, and a beautiful kiss, the connection was palpable for me.

Nyx is a spectacular and special woman, and dare I say unique. In every possible aspect, Nyx is a strikingly beauty and wholly alluring woman. If you have a desire to savor time and experience in the company of a dynamic, intuitive, interesting, genuine, and exceptionally sensual woman, look no further than Nyx.

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