Review: China Lee

TER ID: 203709

Posted: February, 2014 by FTU398

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I was going to be in the Bay area and had a small window of opportunity to partake in some fun. I found China’s ad on TER that she would be in town during my window and thanks to providing the necessary information in the initial P4 request setup and scheduling was a breeze. She does check ref’s so make sure you one ready to go.

As fate would have it, it became a travel day from hell which initially was going to force me to cancel the appointment (but I knew 10 hours in advance). God bless the airlines and the service reps, they were able to get me to the Bay where all I had to do was inquire about moving the appointment back later in the evening. Great communication and China and I were able to align our schedules.

Non VIP’s, probably the best GFE experience I’ve had, in part because it’s what I asked for but mostly because it’s the way she is and interacts with you. VIP’s read on.

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