Review: Estella Ayres

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Posted: July, 2013 by SEASONED55

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Cedar - Her Incall

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Estella advertised on P411 that she was visiting my town so I set up a tentative appointment and then finalized it about three days ahead. That appointment didn’t work out because of a misunderstanding between us. Through emails and a 2-hour phone discussion we cleared up the misunderstanding and also got to know each other pretty well, despite having not yet met each other So she rescheduled her visit for the following week and I picked a convenient time. Estella’s daily schedule is pretty open since she is a low-volume provider. The day before she sent me a teaser email and told me which hotel she would stay in. When I arrived I asked her to let me in the side door so I could avoid having to indiscreetly walk through the lobby. That is normally not a problem for me but because of the hotel location and its proximity to office buildings I wanted to fly under the radar. She met me at the door in a black dress and heels which matched her black hair and bangs. I like bangs. This is the point in the review where I tell you non-VIP members what I thought of her. Estella is fun, engaging, stimulating and just plain hot. She says she is very selective so I can’t guarantee that she will be available for you but if you get the chance, take it!

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