Review: Jade and Olivia Ray

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Posted: May, 2013 by UKL8COMER

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I was looking for a duo where I had previously met and enjoyed one of the ladies and she had a longstanding relationship with the other provider. So my thinking was.. if I enjoyed the lady I would very likely enjoy her friend.

I saw a duo ad for Olivia Ray and her playmate Jade Glow. I had previously met Olivia and reviewed her here so this duo seemed like a perfect match. It really was.

I met them at Olivia's location. Olivia greeted me at the door with a lovely kiss and hug.

Not to be left out Jade came over and also gave me a deep kiss. What a wonderful GFE greeting. Jade is a slim, caramel colored, erotic looking Brazilian. She felt great pressing up against me. Jade is passionate and clearly loves what she is doing. I will see her again as a solo.

Off to the shower and then I joined these two lovelies in the bedroom. I think they had started without me.

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