Review: TS Tiffany Morgan

TER ID: 228074

Posted: April, 2013 by AREYODEVA

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TOFTT, I have never been with a TS so decided to give Tiffany a call after checking out her add. She looked cure and young, not like other 40 year old men wearing makeup. So I txt her for the rates and she ask me for my picture, after I sent her my pic she said she will see me. A few more txt and 1 call later I was at this hotel in Palatine. Now when I gave her a call and told her I was here she said give me 5 mins and I will give you my room #, that 5 mins turn into 20+ mins and when I gave her a call saying I'm still waiting she said she txt me and I told her I didn't received anything from her. Anyways I went to her room she is hot looks like the person in the pics but her constant txting and changing songs on her laptop was so distracting. I would never repeat. VIP's read on....

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