Review: Naomi Moore

TER ID: 212422

Posted: February, 2013 by TINHOBBYIST

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Miracle Mile Adjacent

General Details

So I had been wanting to see Naomi ever since her ad went up on City Source, but she was new and had no reviews. So I waited, and gradually, reviews began to appear. For all those that took the plunge when she had minimal reviews, you have my eternal gratitude. A recent reviewer said that his session with Naomi left him walking around with something like a grin of disbelief on his face...After my date with Naomi, I completely and fully understand what he meant. All I could think about on my drive back was WOW...did that really just happen? Did we really do all that? And yes we did. All I can say is that Naomi is a sexual dynamo!!!

I made contact initially through her Preferred411 profile, but did not hear back, so I sent an email and her assistant Jasmine responded the next day letting me know that I passed verification and that the date I requested was set. Later she provided the address and number to text to get entry instructions once I park. My appointment was later in the evening so it took a little while to find a close spot (plenty of spots if you don't mind walking two blocks - I was lazy and wanted to find a spot within a block).

I parked and waited, and then sent a text 2 minutes before our appointed time. Got a response from her assistant in a couple minutes that she would let me know once Naomi was ready. Waited another 5 minutes, and I got the text with entry instructions to buzz in and headed to the unit. I followed the directions and soon found the apartment. I knocked and the door was opened unto me. And when I entered, there stood a drop-dead gorgeous blonde girl nicely made up, hair all done up, in a strapless cocktail dress and open-toed 4-inch pumps. And she asked what my name was, which I told her, and we gave each other a hug, and then it was like I meet this crazy hot girl, she asks what my name is, and then we went crazy.

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