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Posted: August, 2012 by PARTYANIMAL10

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Marie Laveaux is a New Orleans born courtesan who is very reminiscent of the courtesans that operated in Storyville, the Red Light District of New Orleans from 1897 to 1917, who could with ease turn a man’s sexual fantasies into realities.

Marie Laveaux is without a doubt one of the courtesans who has made the Big Easy famous for adult entertainment and is now giving male residents and visitors of Atlanta the sexual pleasures of the Bayou.

Atlanta is the home of Coca Cola and Marie has a Coca Cola bottle figure with curves in all the right places with the centerpiece being a well-rounded ass. Marie has a very physically attractive body that has been well shaped and developed with regular gym workouts. Marie has a pretty face with an infectious smile that lights up a room and you can not help, but be happy in her presence. Marie has an easy going personality that makes you feel right at home. Marie is a highly intelligent female who can hold conversations with you on a myriad of topics.

Marie Laveaux based her name on Marie Laveau, a Louisiana Creole practitioner of Voodoo who lived in New Orleans from 1794 to 1881. Marie chose her name well since she can quickly and easily cast a sexual spell over men and give them sexual happiness.

Marie said if Treme the HBO show about New Orleans focused on showing the true uncut correlation between the politicians, police, and criminals it would be a major success.

While preparing for a visit to Atlanta I discovered Marie in the Atlanta section of the Eros Guide and immediately became attracted to her after reading her advertisement, checking out her website, and reading her outstanding reviews on The Erotic Review.

I sent an e-mail with all the required information to Marie to setup a meeting with her. She responded in a fast and prompt manner telling me that my screening information was cleared and she would totally enjoy meeting me.

On the day of the meeting I arrived in Atlanta and called Marie to confirm the meeting. I arrived at Marie’s gated apartment community. I called Marie and told her I was at her gated apartment community and standing at the gate. She gave me the gate code, I typed it in, and she buzzed me into the apartment building. I went into the apartment building with my Gatorade and I got to Marie’s apartment and knocked on the door. Marie greeted me at the door with a warm hug and DFK then led me to the bedroom. Marie was wearing sexy a white teddy with black poka dots with pink ruffles, and black high heel pumps. I put the unsealed blank envelope with the donation on her bedroom night stand.

Marie is a die-hard fan and watcher of porn especially porn made by Evasive Angles. She put a porn movie in the DVD player and the sights and sounds of a sexually arousing porn movie played on the television.

I told Marie during our telephone conversation that I was going to take a shower when I got there. She had cleaned the bathroom for me to take a shower and it looked absolutely immaculate. Marie provided me with a towel and wash cloth then bent over showing off that gorgeous ass in my face while she turned the water on for me. She left the bathroom, I removed my clothes, and I took my shower using a liquid soap with a fruity fragrance. I finish my shower. I went back to the bedroom. I laid down on the bed next to Marie while watching the porn.

Marie is not a clock watcher. If you treat her right and with great respect she will happily give you significant amounts of off the clock time. This was my first meeting with Marie. I had originally scheduled to be with Marie for 1 hour, but she generously and kindly allowed to me stay for 3 hours. I totally and enthusiastically recommend meeting Marie Laveaux because you will quickly discover why New Orleans has a well-deserved reputation for sexual adventures. Marie Laveaux is one of my all-time favorite courtesans. I have had numerous meetings with Marie since our first meeting.

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