Review: Trinity Amoretti

TER ID: 147227

Posted: September, 2012 by LICORISH

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I saw her ad on bp and she seemed totally my type except for curled hair. I like them slim, easier to play with and feel. I wonder why I ran into ladies that are german a few times that were blonde as she was my first dark haired german or part german. She sounded friendly on the phone and laughed at my joke. She told me the exit to go and answered promptly and asked me to buy tylenol or Advil rather than protection so I got a single server pack as I know I won't get comped for it. Anyway she told me where to park and when she opened the door was topless and I was a bit thrown off in a good way. I told her jokingly to put on some clothes as I like to take them off! She was very chill, friendly and let me do my thing and wasnt pushy or rushed at all with me and had a wonderful personality, smile and sense of humor. She liked getting touched and banged and wasn't disappointed at all and would do again!

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