Review: Isabel

TER ID: 121293

Posted: June, 2012 by FARENHEIT000

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I was in London for a few days, and was really eager to find me some European tail. I searched on the computer for a while after having gotten to my hotel, and that's when I found her. Isabel. She looked almost too good to be true in the pictures, so I was a bit skeptical but decided to give it a shot. I noticed she was from the Czech Republic, so I'll definitely make sure to find a way to visit there one day as well if they all look like her! I gave her a call and set it up for her to come by at night. Later on that night, I heard a knock at my door just as I had gotten out of the shower and gotten dressed after my flight (I'm glad I managed to sneak in a shower before she came by, hygiene is a something I expect of them so I do the same). I opened the door and saw a damn supermodel standing in front of me. If I hadn't seen that she was originally Czech, I'd swear she was a buxom Swedish blonde. My eyes lit up, and my cheeks were hurting from grinning like an idiot, but I invited her in, and we hugged with a pleasant kiss on the cheek.

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