Review: Mackenzie

TER ID: 204573

Posted: July, 2012 by TMIMIW

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I went to WV Casino over the weekend with some of my friends. One of the hostesses warmed up to us and was very much chatty, we thought we would get lucky that night with her as she slipped her number to one of my buddies. We called her and it turned out that she does part time escorting outside of the area and at times comes to DC for a little extra cash. She told us she will be in town in the coming week so we should get in touch with her. My buddies thought it was BS but being a hobbiest, I figured there is a chance and gave it a shot, sure enough she is a part time escort that comes to DC area for a day or two. Very much reasonable rates but she wants to keep things somewhat private since she does not want to get fired from her casino job. She only plays out of town in DC area while she lives in WV.

Contact was easy through email. You have to be paitient though as she only answers emails once or twice a week before she comes to town. She does ask basic questions for verification but she is learning as she is meeting others. She is green so to say, but not certainly naughty and a player, remember she is a casino hostess and knows how to please her clients

The date was set, she has to drive to town so she was running late and txt me that she was going to be late due to traffic which was nice. Then another text with room number and I went to see her in her room. She is one of them girls that can make a killing as an escort if she stays around. She got the looks and knows how to work it.

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