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Posted: July, 2012 by MORETOLOVE34

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A couple of days in Phoenix and I got the itch, so I checked out bp not expecting to find much. Although I've perused the various ad and review sites when I was traveling, I never found a companion worth the effort of actually setting up a time and date with (girls with fake pics, old pics, bad reviews, etc). Then, I found Ms Manae's ad and my jaw literally dropped.

Ms Manae was a grand slam in my book. Redhead check, banging body check, blue eyes check, and a squirter check check check. Although I'm a younger guy, mature, older women are definitely my thing, and Ms Manae is the holy grail of fiery, passionate, energetic MILFs. If you're into squirters like I am, Ms Manae is off-the-charts. Setup wasn't too difficult. I called and left a message. She called me back promptly and sounded so sexy and hot over the phone that I already knew this wasn't going to be a mistake. Because she is busy with a real life, and a midday appt worked best for both of us, we set something up for later in the week.

When she opened the door of her private residential incall, I was stunned that this beautiful, gorgeous woman looked even better than her unedited photos. Her eyes, lips, and petite frame, which most college girls would be jealous of, oozed sensuality. Her hair and makeup were done right, and her fashionable sundress flaunted her tan skin, enhanced breasts, and tight ass. She greeted me with a big smile, hug, and DFK and we began a playful conversation. She led me to the kitchen and served me a cold beer before we retired to her master bedroom. The view of her fine ass and slamming body, which is all the more remarkable b/c she doesn't workout, walking up the stairs already had my blood flowing before the door was closed. Non-vips I would wholeheartedly recommend her; Vips read on for juicy details of a hot session.

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