Review: TS Venus Lux

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Posted: July, 2012 by BOBERONI

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Los Angeles

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Well, Venus Lux and I had the extreme pleasurement of meeting each other. Due to her shooting schedule, and my schedule,

we almost missed each other. On our last try to hook-up, we hooked-up. All I can say is that she is not a rising star in porn,

she is a shooting STAR. If I owned a porn company, I would sign her up as my first TS Contract Girl. They probably won't,

but that's how hot she is. She is nasty hot, and then, when we calmed down, just a super-duper cool chick that I could hang

with, and did. By the way, I usually avoid massages, since I don't want someone to do more damage than I already have with

my back. Venus, if she wants to go into another line of work, could be a masseuse at any five star hotel. True, at times she

tortured me getting the knots out, but when she was done, I never slept so well. I came very close to proposing marriage.......

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