Review: Jill Goodwyn / Kate O'Conner

TER ID: 143096

Posted: May, 2012 by ACCT495

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Los Angeles

General Details

Kate is quite difficult to to book. I tried to see her 3 weeks, ago, but she was going for a vacation. When she came back, I asked her to see her on a Saturday, but she said she's going to Vegas. I have no choice but to ask her on a Friday, and she said yes. I took Friday off from work. All out our conversations are through e-mail. She gave me the directions to her place. Parking is easy. The door was not shut, so I knocked on the door, and she said "come in." After then, I saw the girl of my dreams. She is very beautiful. She game me a quick kiss and we proceeded to the couch where he had a nice conversation. While talking, she gave me kisses while we caress with each other. It's time to go to the bed. VIP's read on...

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