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New York City

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I’ve had my eyes on Bryleigh for quite a few months, but have been unable to schedule time with her due to her home locations (Dallas and San Francisco), and infrequent visits to Boston. Finally, as luck would have it, Bryleigh was spending some time in The Big Apple at the same time I was going to be spending a couple of days in Northern NJ. I normally would have stayed with a local NNJ provider, but when I saw that I was “only” going to be about 40 miles from Bryleigh, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet one of my “dream” girls.

I connected with her and she verified me very quickly with the help of my two great provider references from the Boston area…thank you ladies! Scheduling was quite easy, and we chatted via phone twice before I actually met her in person for a late evening rendezvous in her upscale mid-town hotel. It was perfect …busy lobby where I wouldn’t be obvious… no awkwardness, easy elevator access to her floor. As a couple of previous reviewers have mentioned, she has a VERY youthful body (except womanly curves in all the right places), and a voice that makes her sound like she’s your wildest dream of initiating a budding young girl to what it truly means to be a woman! When I stepped into her room she was wearing a thin, white tank top that was prominently displaying her pokies, and tight blue jeans that left little to the imagination. I couldn’t keep my eyes…or hands, off her breasts and nipples…just seeing how they poked and stretched the fabric with the slightest of tweaking gave me an instant hard-on, and she couldn’t wait to take care of it for me.

I don’t know what more I can say about Bryleigh that hasn’t already been said in her many fine reviews. She’s the ultimate girl next door except you can fulfill your fantasy and actually hold her lovely body in your arms, taste her sweet, wet kiss (both sets of lips!), and fulfill your wildest dreams with a wonderful young lady. In person she is everything you see in her pics…and more! She is tiny in frame, toned in firmness, quick as a cat in bed, and VERY intelligent and easy to talk to and get to know. I could have spent the entire 2 hours just looking at her loveliness and talking with her; and kissing, licking, tweaking, sucking, caressing, massaging, and fingering every inch of her luscious body…but she wouldn’t allow that. She had other things in doing the same things to mine! After a nice hug and LFK greeting and then chatting for 15 minutes or so (I like to take some time to get to know my lover as a person and not just a provider before all the clothes come off and the fun begins) the caressing began, the LFK’s turned into DFK’s, and the clothes quickly came off. The best thing I can say about my time with Bryleigh, besides satisfying my sexual desires, is that she made me feel like a young guy again, back in college…romping with a sexy, intelligent nymph! The fact that she is still in college might explain that! Non-VIP’s, you don’t and won’t now what you’re missing…VIP’s, read on!

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