Review: Jessica Anderson

TER ID: 135903

Posted: April, 2012 by JMB

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My hotel

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Chose Jessica because of her stellar reviews. Contact is via email only. Debated between a late night appointment after LA arrival and the next morning, when rested. We both chose the morning option. She arrived at my Universal City area hotel on time at 10:00 in the morning. She is DDG. Dressed casually as requested, but sill looked sexy. It is amazing how some providers should up for morning appointments dressed hot like they were headed to a club. Not a good idea with watchful bellmen and housekeepers. She kissed and hugged me upon arrival. Her lips are so soft, warm and moist. I offered her a wide range of beverage options, and she chose champagne. We were in no rush since I had asked for a two hour meeting. Her eastern european accent is so sexy.

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