Review: Sonya Lynn

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Posted: February, 2012 by JAWKNEE36

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I had my eye on Sonya for a long time. There were things that I read about her that had me intrigued, but on the other hand I had reservations about other things I had read. Plus the pictures in her ads and on her site didn’t quite show me enough. I couldn’t wait any longer and had to see for myself if there was fun to be had, and I’m glad I did!

Made first contact via email and contact form on her site. Thankfully, she is very cautious. Tried to set something up for a couple weeks out, and agreed on a Saturday afternoon. She ended up picking up a shift at her day job and staying far longer than she expected, so we shot for another time. That ended up falling apart too. Nothing seemed to be working out, and there were cell phone issues on top of that. I was ready to stop trying as my free time is so limited, and I wasted enough of it. But, we tried one last time to set up a meet, and meet we finally did at her place in Baltimore. A reason why it was so difficult to arrange anything is that I never request outcalls and she prefers outcalls.

She has a decent townhouse in a fairly quiet spot in the city, and put me at ease pretty quickly as we carried on with a very “normal” conversation for a very long time. Sonya requires appointments to be a minimum of 2-hours, so it is difficult for me for multiple reasons to make it around her way too often. I do recommend, although. She appears to be fairly low-volume, and I honestly have no idea how long I was there as we spent so much time getting to know each other like regular people.

She’s very cool, and not exactly the girl next door. Even though most may consider the time and money I spent was somewhat wasted, I prefer to consider it an investment in trust and being much more comfortable next time I see her. And, because of what she did to me, I will see her again for sure when my schedule and pocket allow!

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